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Welcome to Department of Physics and Electronics
Quest for the spirit of nanoscience and nanotechnologies for contributing to a highly industrialized global society of the 21st century

The department provides detailed assistance to the comprehensive teachings and research of physics and electronics to its students. The curricula cover not only the fundamentals of solid-state physics (quantum mechanics, statistical physics, semiconductor physics, electrodynamics, etc) but also their applications (electronics circuit, electronic devices, quantum devices, photo-electronics, etc) so as to encourage the students to work in the diversity of frontiers in the industrial and academic communities. The experimental and creative exercises are of special importance in the teaching program to develop incentives to the students. The graduates from this department are well received in the top-ranking companies as well as in the distinguished research institutes because they are recognized to be highly motivated for becoming professionals.
Academic Staff
Department of Physics and Electronics
Quantum physics of condenced matter group
Takekazu Ishida Professor
Shuichi Kawamata Associate Professor
Nano-optical physics of material group
Hajime Ishihara Professor
Yonggu Shim Associate Professor
Nobuhiko Yokoshi Assistant Professor
Physics of organic semiconductors group
Hiroyoshi Naito Professor
Takashi Kobayashi Associate Professor
Takashi Nagase Associate Professor
Interface physics of solid group
Seiji Akita Professor
Takayuki Arie Associate Professor
Kuniharu Takei Assistant Professor
Semiconductor processing group
Hiroaki Kawata Professor
Yoshihiko Hirai Professor
Masaaki Yasuda Associate Professor
Optical device physics group
Hiromichi Horinaka Professor
Kenji Wada Associate Professor
Tetsuya Matsuyama Assistant Professor
Physics of novel device group
Norifumi Fujimura Professor
Atsushi Ashida Professor
Takeshi Yoshimura Associate Professor
Electron microscope manipulator for nanotechnology and nanotweezer
Electron microscope manipulator for nanotechnology and nanotweezer
There are eight research groups in this department: (1) the quantum physics of condensed matter group deals with the superconductivity, the magnetism, and the related nanotechnologies and sciences; (2) the nano-optical physics of materials group studies laser manipulation, nonlinear optics, crystal growth, and the optical properties of multinary compounds; (3) the physics of organic semiconductors group investigates the photoelectronic properties and the pattern formation of soft matters such as conjugated polymers and liquid crystals; (4) the interface physics of solids group is active in nanoscience and nanotechnology based on low dimensional electronic materials such as carbon nanotubes and related materials; (5) the semiconductor processing group carries out research on microfabrication technology; (6) the optical device physics group is engaged in the development and investigation of quantum and optical devices; (7) the physics of novel devices group focuses on the physics of magnetic-ferroelectrics and magnetic semiconductors, and also develops novel semiconductor devices using above multi-ferroic materials; (8) Nanophase materials and devices group develops advanced devices, processes and materials on semiconductors.
Molecular beam epitaxy Spectroscopic ellipsometry
Molecular beam epitaxy Spectroscopic ellipsometry